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Interface SpanOptions


  • SpanOptions



Optional childOf

childOf: Span | SpanContext

a parent SpanContext (or Span, for convenience) that the newly-started span will be the child of (per REFERENCE_CHILD_OF). If specified, references must be unspecified.

Optional references

references: Reference[]

an array of Reference instances, each pointing to a causal parent SpanContext. If specified, fields.childOf must be unspecified.

Optional startTime

startTime: undefined | number

a manually specified start time for the created Span object. The time should be specified in milliseconds as Unix timestamp. Decimal value are supported to represent time values with sub-millisecond accuracy.

Optional tags

tags: undefined | object

set of key-value pairs which will be set as tags on the newly created Span. Ownership of the object is passed to the created span for efficiency reasons (the caller should not modify this object after calling startSpan).

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